Guaranteed for One Year

We are so confidant in our product that we will guarantee it for one full year or up to 10,000 gallons.  It is made in the USA and  built from quality materials you can trust.  It is a solid piece of construction, assembled with brass fittings and a durable casing built to last.  It is […]

Pure Water

Benefits of PurFlo

You may not realize this but just by using PurFlo Hose-End garden Filters, you are actively using a product that is an impurity eliminator.  PurFlo filters particles up to five microns!  It’s granular activated carbon absorbs contaminants leaving you with fresh clean water.  See the difference for yourself.  After all, filtered water is just better.  PurFlo […]


For Use Everywhere

The Purflo Hose-End garden Filter can be used anywhere in your home or yard where you need clean, fresh water that is filtered from contaminants.  Use it for: Organic Gardening, Vegetables and Flowers, Hydroponics, Water Gardens, Ponds, Pools, Washing Your Pets and Animal Drinking Locations. Just attach at the end of a hose or at […]